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Detail of Sveti Ivan Beach
Detail of Sveti Ivan Beach
Lubenice is a village located on the western side of Cres Island, 378 meters above sea level - an almost abandoned settlement. The area has been inhabited since the Iron Age, the place was known as Hibernitia at the Roman times. Several of the buildings testify the 17th c. haydays of the village - but, at the beginning of the 21st century Lubenice has only a dozen or so people living here. Considering its unique nature Lubenice was added to UNESCO's tentative list of world heritage sites in 2005.

The view of Sveti Ivan Bay is spectacular even from the village up on the cliff - the beach in the bay is another attraction of the place. Some think that this beach is Croatia's second most beautiful beach, right after Zlatni Rat Beach on Brač Island. The pebbly and gravel Sveti Ivan Beach is accessible by foot on a path starting in front of the village. Some determination is needed, though, to descend to the beach and then to crawl back up to 378 meters. The path is walkable, but there is a section in the middle where rolling pebbles make it slippery. Visitors of the beach are advised to take water with them, as there are no bars whatsoever in Sveti Ivan Bay. Another, comfortable option to get to the beach is to hop on an excursion boat in Cres town that takes passengers to the beach.

Yet another thing worth seeing around Lubenice is the Plava Grota, the Blue Cave. One can reach it starting from the village on the path to Sveti Ivan Beach, turning left at about half of the way and walking to Žanja Bay. From the pebbly beach of Žanja Bay a swim of 50 meters will get you to the gate of the cave.

The village itself is accessible on an asphalt road from Cres town - the section after Mali Podol is really narrow, though: be prepared for a slow drive on the one track wide road. Lubenice is not arranged for vacations or accommodating guests for nights. So, instead of planning a vacation here Lubenice could be seen as a daytrip target. Cars are to be left outside of the village in the paid parking area (50 kunas for a day in 2011). A tavern and a bar serve visitors in Lubenice.

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Lubenice from SW
Lubenice from SW

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